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How is Feldenkrais taught?


Individual lessons : Functional Integration®

         Hands-on sessions designed to meet your specific needs


A lesson in this method evokes an awareness of the support that the skeleton provides. These gentle processes in the Feldenkrais lesson shift automatic habits; improving breath, performance and ergonomic use of oneself. Clients usually find that pain is reduced and they feel more stable and flexible.


A lesson in this method for children and babies makes use of the brain's natural capacity for learning and can evoke real changes. It is a gentle, natural and practical process where the child is the centre. It is especially valuable for children who are musicians and athletes, and also for those with neurological, learning or developmental difficulties.



Group lessons : Awareness through Movement®            


Classes are process orientated and use gentle, exploratory movement sequences. These are designed to change your habits and awaken your natural ability to find comfort, ease and elegance.


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