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“The progress Marlo has made from working with Caryn has made me realize that anything is possible”  

Crista Schorr-Kon, child with cerebral palsy  


“I look forward to coming to the lesson all week. I just love it.” 

Eva Grant , musician and music teacher


“One feels that he is in very capable hands with Caryn. She inspires confidence…she is more than an expert – she has something quite personal.”          

Jeffrey Reid, author and cancer patient


"I came to Caryn complaining of a sore shoulder. Over a series of lessons, she addressed the shape of my foot (probably the result of numerous sporting ankle injuries), the nature of my stance, bringing relief to hip and knee pain, the lower and mid-back discomfort experienced after physical work and, coincidentally, the pain in my shoulder!"

David Wheeler,  golfer and director


“My teenage son, in his Feldenkrais lessons with Caryn, has developed a great awareness of his body, and an ability to keep his fast growing body in balance with wonderful movement patterns. This has contributed significantly to his, competitive success, technical skill and enjoyment of surfing.”

Rob Hawker, father of competitive surfer


“My daughter was born with a mild CP which manifested itself with her walking on tiptoe on her left foot.  However, after just over a year of Feldenkrais lessons with Caryn (when she was 5), Sofia had her check-up with the Orthopaedic Surgeon. The Surgeon felt that she did not need any more splintage (we had stopped using them a year ago!) and observed that Sofia was walking with an almost normal gait. Given that Feldenkrais is the only treatment Sofia received during this period, I believe that the improvement has been due to this treatment.”  

Hannah Bray, mum


"It took me until George was almost 6 to realize that the anxious times, when we worried because it felt like nothing was changing or progressing with George, were usually plateaus. Sometimes they felt like great long flat plains in between enormous mountains. When I started to recognize this pattern I could go back to observing again, rather than worrying.

Even better was the realization that most likely there was something enormous taking shape and following the plateau and the mountain climb, there would be a shift. A change. Something new.

When I watched the movie footage (What can the Feldenkrais Method do for my child) of George walking from 3 months ago, I was reminded of this. It was amazing and hugely refreshing to see how his walking has progressed within that period of time."            

Kari , mum of child with cerebral palsy


“After a Feldenkrais lesson I like the way my scapulae fit into my back. I feel like my arms have a skeletal anchor – the muscles don’t do all the work.”   

Andrew Lynch, social worker and academic 


“I feel like my back is carrying me rather than me carrying my back.

 Renata Bellve, psychologist 


"When I first began coming to Caryn’s classes what I loved the most was that where you are right now is OK. And everything is done gently."                                                       

Claire Patterson, librarian

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